New Saturday Opening Hours

In order to reflect the changing nature of the salvage industry, we have adjusted our Saturday hours slightly with effect of 1st Jan this year.

We are now open 08:30 – 12:30 every Saturday.

Our online parts store is, of course, open 24/7!

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Scott Mays Daredevil Stuntshow

As with previous years, we supplied Scott Mays Daredevil Stunt show with an assortment of cars for them to play with in their monster trucks!

Here’s one of them meeting their maker at Perranporth Airfield.

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Just a nice sunset!

Nothing special… Waynes Volvo on our weighbridge, with a particularly pretty sunset.

Volvo Sunset

Volvo Sunset

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Pick Your Own! Green Parts

We’ve recently given our “self service” yard a spruce up, and come up with a fantastic new “Pick your own” service which we’re sure you’re going to love!


We’ve extended the area which we allow the public into meaning that you benefit from even more vehicles you have complete access to, and a higher chance of finding the parts you need.


We’ve also begun to implement the use of vehicle stands, which makes removal of suspension, exhaust and engine components far easier.  They’re solid and sturdy and are sure to make your time in the yard more pleasant.


We also have a fixed pricing structure for certain components in place which is being further added to, so you won’t be stung with any unexpected costs after you’ve spent your valuable time removing items.


Call in and pay us a visit to find out why we’re so excited about our new service!


Pick Your Own Trans

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Combellacks and Scott Mays Daredevil Stunt Show

We’ve been happy to again provide the cars for Scott May’s fantastic stunt show this summer.  If any of you have been, I’m sure you’ll have noticed our stickered-up cars being run over/blown up throughout the show!

Here’s a photo of the last load heading off to Scott.

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Website updates..

Our “used parts” section of the site has been given a snazzy new facelift!

Check it out here!

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All-new computer systems!

We’re excited to be welcoming down the team from DH Systems, who will be installing an all-new dismantling program to our server next week.

This new system will allow us to look up your vehicle details more accurately and to ensure that we provide you with the correct part, first time.

We can’t wait to get stuck in!

New computer system

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Wheely special offers!

Tyres from Combellack Vehicle Recyclers

We have recently reduced a number of our alloy wheels to clear.  Call in and browse through the stock, or call us on 01726 891100 to see what we have which would fit your vehicle!

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Scooters as far as the eye can see!

Just a reminder that as well as our many, many breaking cars, we also have a fair sized collection of small motorcycles and scooters which are available for parts.

Give us a try if your two-wheeled companion is wanting for anything!

Light motorcycles & scooters at Combellack Vehicle Recyclers

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A Car-B-Q

We took recycling to a whole new level with our latest creation.

Presenting; the “car-b-q”!

car-b-qA Renault Megane Scenic has found a new life as a mobile cooking facility, and fed us all in the last few days running up to Christmas.

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